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Featured Article: Chronic Stress...

Chronic stress has been shown to have a significant effect on our immune system. If left untreated, our body becomes prone to disease and infection. Indeed, studies show: 80 to 90% of disease is stress related!

Make it a point to seek out natural therapies to assist you in learning relaxation techniques. Massage therapy is a wonderful way to train your muscles to relax and respond differently to stress.

You don't have to be in pain to benefit from massage therapy. It is very effective as a preventative therapy. Some of the most vital benefits of massage are: Boosting your immune function, reducing stress and anxiety, increasing range of motion, improving circulation and promoting a sense of wellbeing. A healthy immune system gives us stamina and vitality! Don't wait! Take control of your life and let Therapeutic Massage make the difference! Start now with a plan for wellness!


Trusted professionals

Dr. Doug Holtan, DC
Balanced Body Chiropractic

phone: 612-889-0781
The links between nerves, muscles and movement play a role in all aspects of health. Chiropractic addresses these connections in a hands-on way, often easing pain and improving muscle response on the spot.

Jessica M. Frier, MA.OM, L.Ac.                                           

Birchwood Acupuncture

4580 Scott Trail, Eagan MN 55122

phone: 651-444-8869

email: jessica@birchwoodacup.com
website: www.birchwoodacup.com

For more information on what acupuncture can treat and the benefits of Chinese medicine, visit Jessica's website.

Jessica M. Frier

Desiree Brazelton, CCH, RsHom(NA)
Spark Wellness
5603 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis MN 55417

phone: 612-232-6453

email: getwell@sparkwellness.net

website: sparkwellness.net

Classical Homeopathy.

Christine Ruehling, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor
All About You – Recovery Counseling Services
4660 Slater Road, Suite 245, Eagan, MN 55122

phone: 952-583-0320

email: ChristineRuehling@AllAboutYouRecoveryCounseling.com

website: AllAboutYouRecoveryCounseling.com

Offering the following services: Individualized Substance Abuse Counseling, Chemical Health Assessments, Recovery Maintenance Groups, Women’s Recovery Groups, Sober Recreation Groups, Interstate Sober Escort Transportation Services. (See Christine's website for more information).